Best 100 Cute Baby Captions for Instagram

Best 100 Cute Baby Captions for Instagram: Love cute baby captions? We have lots of collections of funny and cute baby captions for your little cuties. Reply to this idea if you have a funny saying about babies.

Cute baby captions are often used in photo-sharing sites and in social media like Facebook and google plus. Cute baby captions have a number of benefits like they attract the viewer, touch their heart, help to share the picture, and so on. Cute baby captions are usually available on social media websites where you can search for them.


 Cute Baby Captions for Instagram


1. You’re the cutest thing that has ever happened to me. I love you ❤️ #baby #cutephotos #daddysgirl


2. It was just a dream, I swear 📷: @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #cutebaby #cutebabyboy #cutestuff #babylove #blackandwhitephotography


3. Who needs a pumpkin spice latte when you have this squishy, little love muffin? 💕 #baby #cute


4. You are so cute that you made me forget how tired I am.


5. I love the sweet, peaceful moments with you…a skipping heart and a baby who is sleeping. 😍


6. Hang in there, baby. Where you’re going, you won’t need feet for a while. #kangaroocave


7. I think my baby’s gonna be a great big sister (and a really good listener). 😍 


8. Babies are such a blessing. Every moment with them is unique and filled with special moments. 😍


9. There’s nothing more precious than the love between a mother and her child. Thanks for making my heart happy @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! #BabiesAreTheBest #MomentsThatMatter

10. This photo is so adorable it should be illegal.


11. We have the cutest Babies, Dogs, Cats, and more! You can post your photos here for others to see🐶 🐱 🐶 🐱 🐰


12. That’s a girl;) #babygirl


13. Isn’t it something how curious little humans are always observing the world around them? If you’re going to observe your baby, go in with an open heart and listen; you’ll learn a lot.


14. Born September 10, 2017. At first, we felt like she towered over us. But every day now seems like a week. The days are getting longer, everyone’s outside playing…instead of cooped up inside writing out lists.


15. Splash 🕶 with our fall patterns. #ootd #babyfashion


16. Don’t you just hate it when you meet the cool kid?


17. Hey there, today’s your day. You’re going to make many memories that’ll last a lifetime. 👶


18. Your first laugh 😂, your first steps 🤸‍♀️…the moment you realize that dogs love to be cuddled as much as rabbit fur mittens🐰.


19. Sprouts is a fun, bright, and friendly little grocery market for your family.


20. Welcome to the world, baby girl. We can’t wait to watch your story unfold. 🌸 #LoveWhatMatters


21. ♥️Every baby is born with a smile, so let’s keep them smiling all day long! #babystyle #adorebabygear #throwbackthursday #babylove


22. A cute Instagram caption that goes with a picture of little baby.


23. No cute little babies were harmed in the making of this photo—just lots of Mini Babybel® and

24. Cuties® to add to the smiles. And good times, too. #funbaby #cuties


25. Hello, little one. We’ve missed you. #cutiebaby


26. Just when we thought extra-cute couldn’t be topped in the cute department, this happened. She’s almost 4 months old! #babybump


27. Being a mom is such an honor. Also, baby is real cute. #mombaby


28. National Baby Week gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our favorite little people. Show us how you and your baby make every day special.


29. He’s very cozy and comfy in mummy’s arms and looking for a kiss.


30. Mama and baby are both ready for bed. But someone is not tired yet… 💤 @xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Cute Captions for Baby Pictures on Instagram


31. I could fall asleep like this… if only I weren’t holding this sweet little man. 🙂💙 #firstsonsaturday


32. Hi bub, I’d like one pumpkin spice latte, one extra foam, and one 16-week nude engagement photoshoot… #babylife #babyliketheday


33. We may not be the best looking kids on earth, but surely we are the cutest ones 🥰 #cutebabies


34. It’s the little things that matter most…like how tiny and precious your baby is.


35. Our baby angel has been cuter than ever today. Say hello to those dimples! 👶


36. This little guy is 3 months old today. Can’t get over how much he’s changed already 💙


37. It’s the simple things that make me happy. Like a sleeping 🐶 cuddled up against his mama. 😍


38. Being a pet parent is like being on a never-ending game of fetch 🐱🍕.

39. Dylan is so silly. Dylan laughing while blowing bubbles with his mama!


40. It’s pumpkin spice latte season, you guys.


41. Starts with a kiss ends with a squish. 👶


42. Having you around is just the good kind of crazy. #sisterprobs


43. Aww !!! Who’s this little sweetheart? #baby #cutie


44. 🐻 Babies are great, they’re tasty like vanilla and creamy like coffee. And their hugs are just as good as… Tapioca?😊


45. Babies who are so happy to see their dads after a day at work that all they can do is smile ❤️ #daddylove #daddydaughterlove 


46. How did this baby get so big? Just when I thought I had all the answers, you grow up and become a little person who says totally weird things like…OH, BABY!


47. Babies are the greatest 💗


48. At the break of dawn, at the start of all things new, a baby’s cry announcing it is day…congratulations! #baby #picture 


49. At the end of every storm, there is a rainbow—or a tiny, cuddly baby! #babiesareborn


50. I’ll never get tired of taking your picture #selfielove


51. Being a parent is like holding your heart in your hands.


52. It’s a funny place, this world… especially the little bits in between the seconds that get you from here to there. #cutebabies #captionsoneverheardbefore

53. I just have to say that my cute baby boy is the cutest little thing a mom could experience. squeals in delight* #cute #baby #photo #information #from #thefirstyear


54. The only thing better than babies in binkies is babies in fall clothes adjusting their fall wear. #☺️🍂


55. Does this kid look tasty to anyone else? 📸: @xxxxxxxxxxxxx


56. Some days you just wanna be cozy and other days you’re ready to take on the world. We feel you, little one.


57. It’s a boy! 👶#baby #boy


58. Baby feet, Don’t fail me now.


59. If I could wrap you up and take you everywhere we would be the happiest family.


cute baby captions for photos


60. Isn’t it great when the things you do for a living are really fun? Yes, yes it is.


61. Let me count the ways I love you. Let’s begin with one…I love how your eyes make me melt. #BabyCaptions


62. So tiny, so cute, so wrinkled. Babies are my everything.


63. Behold — it’s that special time of day when tiny humans do the cutest things.


64. Two weeks old today 💙 and still as curious as a puppy #baby #babies


65. A very special early morning. Love you today and every day 🎂💝#baby


66. Before the warm cookies and cool blueberries, there were soft white sheets, cozy sweaters & a baby bump.

67. My eyes are, like, so big…and brown. #caturday


68. Baby, it’s cold outside… Time for a hot cocoa! ☕


69. Sneaking over here to tell you I miss you. I’m still thinking about you from yesterday. can’t wait to see you tonight ❤


70. These twin foals were born this morning on our farm. They’re so cute, we can’t take a bad picture of them!


71. From the moment they see the world, darling little ones experience everything with fresh eyes. In other words, they 🔝 live. _It’s 2 easy 2 miss de small simple things in life if you’re looking down


72. Think you’ve got the whole parenthood thing down? Have a baby and you’ll wonder what you thought you knew: This baby goes here, this one cries when you feed him there…


73. He loves hanging out with his little sister during the day but he always makes sure to spend some extra time with mama too. 🌸


74. Hey, little one: You’re finally here. Your parents have been waiting for you your entire lives, and now the adventure can begin–together. ❤️


75. Your eyes say it all — you’ve been wanting to meet me as long as I’ve been wanting to meet you. I’ll be waiting for the moment of our first cuddle W/JWW


76. Hello, I’m the little brother your life always wanted. 😜😘


77. Mom, I’m not gonna quit you. (used by Burt’s Bees) ⛄ 🍃 ✨


78. Don’t forget to put a banana on the counter 😍😉

79. Have a baby, will travel. #baby #babies #cute baby


80. A photo is worth a thousand words so we are just going to let this picture of this cute baby speak for itself. Baby + cute = ❤️ 💙 😀 😊


81. And when he tried to tickle the dog, this happened. 😂 #baby #babies #cute


82. My favorite thing about being a new mom is seeing my little one beam with pride as she tries food for the first time. Toddler food debut! #baby #toddlers


83. The happiest of birthdays to the most beautiful baby in the world 👶 ! We love you so much! ❤


84. There’s something about holding a baby that makes you feel stronger, more powerful… and older. 😝 #itsnotjustme #momlife #babies


85. Perks of being a kid: your own sleeping bag, car seat, and stroller.


86. Happy 7 months to our little nugget #twinning Like a twinning moment whenever she wears that dress 😍 #babygirl


87. We are out on the town and it’s #moodygrams time! #littlethings


88. I let my kids eat what they want. It’s like an unspoken rule of parenthood: If it has a face, it’s off-limits.


98. We don’t have much experience taking care of kids, but we have watched a lot of episodes of Bar Rescue.


90. Baby. New Year, New Goals! Get the ball rolling with this brand-new baby. 🥺 💪 #brandbaby


91. They say a child’s laughter is contagious and now I know it’s true. 😊 #baby #cute


92. Teddy is still a baby but he’s totally a daddy’s boy❤️ #babylove

93. Caught off guard with my Snapchat filter on, lol they still look cute tho 💕😘👶🏼


94. Hey, little one. What do you say? Do you like this funny face? 😊


94. A big milestone. One year old already? Seems like we just blinked and you were our little newborn.


95. Little bitty toes, so sweet. Bitty cheeks, so cute. Little bitty nose, so adorable. Bitter too, I bet you are about your lack of faith in humanity and the world to change.


96. Tiny humans staring at me while I eat breakfast, NBD.


97. 💕#thingsiloveaboutwinter 😍😘 #holidayvibes #bundleup #lovewins _-: @fuzzygutsy


98. Sometimes the simple things are the most perfect. Just like you. 😘


99This smile could power a city.


100. Baby. Yeah. You look so cute. Yes, you doo. Ooh yeah, that baby’s cute 🤷 (Kiss emoji)


101. That moment when you realize if ___ babies have cute tiny toes, shouldn’t you embrace ______ and love Pinterest-worthy socks too?


102. Can someone take a nap with me?” – Perfect baby


103. How to get a crying baby to smile: 1. put on some real clothes 2. Take a bath 3. read one chapter of Harry Potter


104. Happy to see you growing big and strong! #cutenessoverload


105. Little Pumpkin is 1 month old today! 🎃🍂

106. We are a part of you. The cup is me, the website is me. This marketing is me. And after all that caffeine what’s left of my agency has become me. 🍼 🍼

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