Best 100 Dance Captions for Instagram

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Best 100 Dance Captions for Instagram


1. As always, performers, dancers, and choreographers should feel free to use these “free” captions for their social media accounts—as well as the video or photo itself.

2. If you’re gonna dance, you might as well dance in the pouring rain. 🌧

3. Here comes the sun. And also, here are the most popular dance move trends 💃🏽 #internationaldancestandardstag

4. Let the beat hit ’em 💃🏻 …and down to business 🤸🏻‍♀️.

5. Proud to present our new collection that celebrates all body types, especially mine. 👓 #pride

6. Like nothing can go wrong, and you are moving to the perfect music

7. Sashaying into the weekend with my boogie shoes on because I just don’t care. # FridayFeeling

8. I wish I could dance like this in the streets; let me out.

9. Here is a bevy of beautiful and talented dancers from the @xxxxxxxxx @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx event. Check out their Instagram account for more videos!

10. Check out this #DancingRevolution 💃🕺 ▫️ ▪️_aclfestival

11. Let’s get down! #dancelife

12. No matter where you find yourself, on the stage or off, make it your choice to take action, follow your dreams, and make your mark. You’re not a dancer? No problem. Action is for everyone and everything 😎#

13. ⏰Time to #shakeitup tomorrow night! Which #DanceClassics can you get down 🕺to? ##

14. Get down and boogie—there’s plenty of music in the street. – Billie Holiday

15. Gotta dance sometimes. When the music hits you 👯 .

16. Party on xAye_Wonderlandx! Giving a shoutout to a friend’s cover of “Girls Chase Boys.” What other songs would you like to see me dance to?!👯🎤

17. Hasta La Vista, You were a fantastic dance partner 💃🤣

18. So dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, and live like it’s heaven on earth.

19. A dance smile is contagious; catch one today. 😀

20. There is nothing better than getting the entire party on the dance floor. How do we get there?

21. Create grooves. Find the beat of your life. Live out loud this weekend. 😎

22. Bachata is the most sensual dance of all.

23. Getting the moves ready for spring break 🙌🏽 #breakfastclub

24. This caption is dance-related but can also be used for any social media platform that shares photos and captions promoting dance and fitness.

25. Dancing makes you move at the speed of joy and look like the coolest kid on the block.

26. There is nothing I’d instead do. Then dance with you, my friend.”

27. Best Instagram captions for fitness

28. Let’s do the limit-step to the bizarre, random, and fun moves we’re about to be taught by Leo’s dance teacher.

29. What better way to show gratitude than by dancing your heart out at Suhara Day.

30. Bust a move in our new prom shoes! We have all your footwear needs under one roof, from stilettos to booties 👗.

31. Let’s kick off the weekend with some moves worthy of a red carpet ✨😎

32. As time goes by, we promise to make it right, gonna try with all our might. Cause this heart of mine is counting on you tonight and every night. — New Kids On The Block

33. Upbeat, catchy, and crazy–even though we found this crazy clip on the floor in 1992. Thanks for letting us share it with everyone again! #NeverGetTired

34. There’s only one thing better than dancing: more dancing. 💃🕺

35. I feel like dancing, and I hope you do too. 💃

36. Don’t stop believing. Just keep dancing.

37. Dancing has always been an important part of my life, as it is to many people in the Congo.

38. Let us celebrate the warmth of this Spring morning through dancing. 🌿 #happy #dance

39. Fall in love with Fall and dance to the beat of your own (hee) heart.

40. Get funky with us on October 1, when Ballet Austin launches its 8th annual Ballet Under The Influence. Tickets & info at

41. Let your body feel the rhythm of the music as you dance with your friends at a party.

42. Tap(. 🎼) into your best moves with this acoustic dance party to help you find your groove.

43. When you’ve got the time of your life—make the time of your life.

44. Let’s Dance 🕺🏽 to the rhythm of life.

45. Let’s cut a rug for four weeks after the couple’s costume.

46. Letting go and losing yourself in the music, that’s what dancing is all about 💃🏽

47. In my heart is the memory of a thousand dances and the people who shared those dances.

48. Never stop dancing even when you’re tired and need to use the bathroom. You aren’t done until you’re done.

49. Good music, good people, and a really good time.

50. It’s easy to like a dancer when you see one on the street. Then, out of the blue, you feel a flash of desire. Clearly, you have never seen me dance before.


Dance Captions


51. There’s no one way to be a dancer, only you. That’s what makes it so beautiful and unique.

52. Get ready to #DanceLikeNoOneIsWatching. Get into the dancing mood with these new music videos 🎶 #LabelOnTheFly

53. Let’s put on our dancing shoes and do it. 💃

54. Let’s dance our way through the weekend.

55. Now here’s the plan: Let’s break this dance floor

56. One, two, three, four. It’s okay to dance if you feel like dancing. 💃 😎 👍

57. Let your imagination run free, and dance like no one is watching. dance like the world is listening 😊 #iconicdance

58. Burning up the dancefloor at Franky Bradley’s is no big deal. You belong on the stage.

59. When you dance, you feel in touch with your body and soul

60. Dance like it hurts so good.

61. Keep moving. Dance, sing, delight in the moment.

62. I’m ready for some smooth moves. The kind of moves that you might break a sweat from.

63. 🕺 🕺🕺 #dancelikenooneistandinginthemiddle #dancealltheways

64. Let us dance loose, limbed, and wild like we are weightless. Let us try to feel the wind as freely as leaves when it blows through our hair!

65. It’s #ThrowbackThursday, this week. We are taking it back to our Summer Grooves promotions! If you are looking for a great workout tune with an infectious beat get your groove on with these classic tracks.

66. What’s your favorite dance move? 👯

67. Creative captions for videos

68. Dance like no one’s watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, and live like it’s heaven on earth‖ -Mark Twain

69. Celebrating the beauty of every day by dancing to it. 😉

70. Come celebrate the changing season with us on the Woodruff Balcony tomorrow. It’s free and open to the public – you’re not going to want to miss this incredible dance festival! 💃

71. 🎶🎶Go just give it everything you got 🎶🎶

72. Some days you just need a dance party. Sometimes it’s just better to move.

73. Let’s go ahead and paint the town red. 🖤💃 #dancelife #thebeatgoeson #letssmiletogether

74. Dancing is magical because it allows us to experience emotions entirely and utterly free of judgment. #bestdayever

75. Life is a dance, enjoy the beats.

76. 🕺🏻‍♂️💃🏽🕺🏻‍♀️. . . . . #dancer #housemusic #samba #carnaval #capoeira

77. Let’s get ready to dance… *Thumbs up* 😎

78. Keep shining when the lights are low, and make them shine when they’re high. Dare to Dance!

79. Listen up, dance crew: Starbucks now offers mobile orders & pay for an even smoother morning routine. 😎

80. Summer came to an end, but it’s always the right time to dance.

81. Get down at Dancing Gnome beer garden as they offer an awesome selection of World Class beers, a huge variety of board games, great drinks & spirits, and the best food trucks.

82. A little dance at the end of the day is like medicine for the soul.

83. 🍃🌮👗 Enjoy a slice of culture in the park! Take a twirl, learn what you like, and then kick it old school with bachata, salsa, or merengue.

84. Swinging to the rhythm of your own beat is a very freeing experience. It’s all about getting loose and letting yourself enjoy each and every moment. Continue reading for dance caption ideas.

85. Dancing is a universal language. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, what you believe, or who you love. When we dance, it’s all of us.

86. We’ve always wanted to make you dance. Now, @xxxxxxxxx and Nicki Minaj want to make you dance too. 😱😎 #FridayFeeling

87. Let’s do this! Get ready for a marathon of delightfully epic proportions. Let’s dance! 🎶

88. All I want to do is dance, dance in the moonlight #perfume #mario #mentos #fashion.

89. Get down at a Beach Bum class or two, and then get back to doing what you love.

90. Like most of you, we love videos and have a collection of our favorite moments from different events in our lives. But we also noticed that when we want to relive those special moments again, we often have to dig into old photo albums or

91. It has been said that Fred Astaire danced better than anyone else on film. Be like Fred and boogie the night away, dance to your heart’s content.

92. Dance because you can. Dance because you should. Dance because life is too short to waste. Dance.

93. No matter where you’re from, dance brings us together 💃♥️ 😵

94. Dance like you’ve never danced before 😜 ¶¶

95. Remember to always dance like no one is watching.

96. Live it up with these epic dance movies.

97. Let’s get lost in the music and dance before my mornings over #fitnessgirl #onthetable #ohno #itdance

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